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Mike Leigh’s controversial classic is a verbose spiral into the squalid alienation of Thatcher’s Britain. Eschewing conventional narrative in favour of a sour, morose tale of urban existentialism, it follows an embittered intellectual, played by an incredible (and at the time, relatively unknown) David Thewlis.

Mike Leigh

Veering through a cycle of violence, addiction, misogyny and a ranting predilection for conspiracy theories, Johnny’s series of nocturnal encounters as he travels across London is the vehicle for a pitch-black comedy that talks into, and from, the abyss.

Using the same unique methods of improvisation that characterises much of Mike Leigh’s significant filmography (from Life is Sweet and Secrets and Lies, to Topsy-Turvy, Vera Drake, Another Year, Mr. Turner and Peterloo), Naked is a dark film even by its creator’s standards.

But it is also a searing, experimental and daring societal indictment, speaking to the dangers of economic despair, rampant individiualism and male violence.

A brave film that split audiences in 1993 and, no doubt, will still do so today, Naked is one of the most unforgiving of all british cinema classics, and in this new 4K restoration from the BFI it has never looked better.

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Wed 1 Dec

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