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Joaquin Phoenix leads the charge in this staggeringly staged historical epic from legendary director Ridley Scott (Gladiator), detailing Napoleon Bonaparte's ruthless ascension to emperor.

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Ridley Scott
Strong bloody violence, injury detail, sex

Emperor. General. Tyrant. Lover.

Witness the ruthless ascension of Napoleon Bonaparte (Joaquin Phoenix, Joker) to the crown of France, defined by his fiery relationship with his Empress and one true love, Josephine (Vanessa Kirby, The Crown).

Brazenly assuming military command, and spearheading epic battles to secure the future of his beloved France, this is the definitive story of one of history’s most infamous figureheads; a man who vowed to stop at nothing to continue in the indomitable lineage of Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great.

An unmissable cinematic event, punctuated by awe-inspiringly realised battle sequences, this blockbuster retelling of explosive history is the work of master filmmaker Ridley Scott at his very best.

Fuelled by towering central performances from Gladiator alumni Joaquin Phoenix and the extraordinary Vanessa Kirby, Napoleon is a show-stopping big-screen spectacle fit for a king.


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