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One of the most atmospheric war epics of recent years, Dénes Nagy’s transportative, almost phantasmagorical journey to the battlefront of World War Two sees a young soldier confront the dark realities of armed conflict.

Dénes Nagy

István (Ferenc Szabó) is a soldier serving in the pro-Nazi Hungarian army, hunting partisans amongst the country’s woodland villages.

When his commander is killed by enemy fire, István takes command. But whilst he has followed orders up to now, he soon realises that he doesn’t quite have the stomach for the what the army high command have in mind once the locals start to rebel.

A film full of terrifying tension and poetic atmosphere, Nagy’s film won the prestigious Silver Bear at last year’s Berlin Film Festival, and its total immersion in the reality of warfare is more than a little reminiscent of Elem Klimov’s Come and See.

Loaded with breathtaking, nightmarish imagery and featuring incredible sound design that only adds to the film’s claustrophobic feel, Natural Light is, like all the best war pictures, a work of moral and spiritual enquiry, as well as being pure cinema.

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