1hr 52mins

very strong language

Gavin Hood

Gavin Hood (Eye in the Sky, Tsotsi) directs this political thriller based on a real-life story, a key turning point in the Iraq War.

In 2003, Katharine Gunn (Kiera Knightley) was an ordinary government contract worker when she intercepted communications that revealed that the UK was being asked to spy on UN Security Council Members to help influence votes sanctioning the invasion of Iraq. Forced to weigh up her duty to protect National security, her personal moral code and her family’s security (complicated by the fact that her husband was a Muslim immigrant awaiting permanent residency status in the UK) Gunn was faced with a seemingly impossible choice.

Kiera Knightly delivers an excellent, unselfconscious performance as Gunn, with strong support from an ensemble cast including Matt Smith and Ralph Fiennes.

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