A dedicated teenage gymnast from Ukraine is forced to flee to Switzerland after her mother, an investigative journalist, is attacked.

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Anastasia Budiashkina (a talented real-life gymnast) stars as the titular Olga, a 15-year-old Ukrainian athlete exiled in Switzerland in 2014 during the Ukrainian Maidan protests.

Competing for the European Championship, she is anguished by the news of unrest back home and conflicted about staying in exile as the revolution rocks her beloved home and threatens the safety of her loved ones, including her journalist mother.

A universally acclaimed story of drive and determination, Olga was the recipient of the SACD prize at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, marking an incredibly assured, vital debut feature for director Elie Grappe.

The film also stands as an unfortunately timely experience of a young Ukrainian woman’s experience of living in exile, lead actress Anastasia Budiashkina herself having fled to Poland from Ukraine due to the ongoing war.

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