1hr 26mins

The true story behind the ‘Elvis lives’ myth is thrillingly explored in Orion, which charts the absurd, stranger-than-fiction tale of Jimmy 'Orion' Ellis, a singer thrust into the posthumous role of Elvis Presley...

This film screens as a part of The Spirit of Elvis season - click here to learn more.

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The Spirit of Elvis
Jeanie Finlay
infrequent strong language, moderate sex references

Orion or Elvis? This addition to our The Spirit of Elvis season shows The King as you have never seen him before, in the form of a masked impersonator named Jimmy Ellis. Following Elvis’ death, a mourning American nation’s attention was captured by Orion, a man plucked from obscurity to take on the role of ‘The King’ from beyond the grave.

Directed by Jeanie Finley (Sound It Out, The Great Hip Hop Hoax, Seahorse), this stellar documentary uses archival footage to explore the true story of Jimmy ‘Orion’ Ellis, and how he helped create and fuel the conspiracy that Elvis was still alive, despite having died in 1977.

Attracting huge acclaim from critics upon its release in 2014, Orion picked up The Discovery Award at the British Independent Film Awards in 2015 and the Grand Jury Prize at the Nashville Film Festival.

A fascinating exploration of a bizarre cultural phenomenon that comforted a grieving nation, Orion: The Man Who Would Be King answers the tantalising question asked by 1970s newspaper headlines: ‘Who is the masked man?’…

“Deftly told… a strange and tragic piece of musical history that says worlds about the fickleness of fame and ends with a jolt that makes it even sadder” – Critics Pick, New York Times


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