2hrs 3mins

The latest sumptuous melodrama from the inimitable Pedro Almodóvar (Pain & Glory, All About My Mother) rousingly reunites the acclaimed auteur with long-time muse Penélope Cruz (Volver).

Our screening on 20 January 20:15 is an Tyneside Exclusive Preview.

Pedro Almodóvar

An authentic story of female solidarity and the responsibility of motherhood, set amongst the evocative surroundings of Madrid, it follows the interweaving lives of the titular two new single mothers.

Penelope Cruz is Janis, a talented photographer, who gives birth in the hospital at the same time as the young Ana (Milena Smit). The lives of the two intwine in unexpected ways, as they ponder their forever changed futures…

A sublime, twisting narrative unfolds in the typically romantic, stylish and wonderfully transgressive Almodóvar way, with a distinctly political, sophisticated voice guiding the drama and giving tangible texture to the lives of these richly drawn, nuanced characters.

Following last year’s astonishing short film collaboration with Tilda Swinton, The Human Voice, Parallel Mothers is vintage Almodóvar: a stripped-back, passionate and mature cinematic treat, kicking off the new year on the big screen with unparalleled style.


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