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Wim Wenders brings the imaginative power of cinema to recognise and remember one of the most pioneering figures in modern dance, Pina Bausch; a visually adventurous combination of film, dance and theatre.

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Wim Wenders Retrospective
Wim Wenders
Contains brief natural nudity
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

In this startlingly original and visually innovative documentary, Wim Wenders merges dance, theatre and film as a tribute to the ground-breaking work of German choreographer, Pina Bausch (1940-2009).

Bausch pioneered a dance tradition (Tanztheater, ‘dance theatre’) that combined dance-like physicality, experimental sound-design and dramatic stage-sets; she is also known for collaboratively involving dancers in the compositional development of a piece.

The film is separated into four extracts from Bausch’s influential work, interspersed with interviews and site-specific performances, with often dream-like results.

Not only is this a powerfully realised tribute to one of the most influential artists of modern dance, it is also phenomenally arresting example of different mediums coinciding: dance, theatre and film; all collaboratively braided into the kinetic rush of poetic movement.

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Thu 14 Jul

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