1hr 12mins

In this tender and miraculous debut, director Laura Wendel conjures a sensitive and immersive portal into the school life of 7-year-old Nora.

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Laura Wandel
brief strong threat
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

Nora is played by Maya Vanderbeque in what has to be one of the most impressive and naturalistic child performances of recent years, bringing to mind the brilliance of Céline Sciamma’s acclaimed Petite Maman.

When Nora witnesses her brother Abel (Günter Duret) being bullied she finds herself caught between his imposed secrecy and seeking help from their father. What unfolds is a fraught push and pull between child and adult allegiances that delicately captures the insecurity of her vision of the world.

What Wendel achieves so uniquely is to condense the concept of a ‘world’ to an entirely child-based perspective where the school and its playground become the ruling confines of the film. Deeply moving, incredibly acted and emotionally transportive, this is a triumph of empathetic and experiential cinema.

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