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The harrowing 1989 École Polytechnique school shooting tragedy is dramatised in this unflinching 2009 black-and-white cinematic testimony from Denis Villeneuve.


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Denis Villeneuve Season
Denis Villeneuve
Strong violence, injury detail, language
French, English

December 6th, 1989. The snowy city of Montreal becomes the scene of cruel devastation, as a misogynistic killer (Maxim Gaudette) arrives at the Polytechnique engineering school with a rifle.

The unimaginable events which followed would come to be known as the ‘Montreal Massacre’ – represented here through the perspective of the killer and student witnesses Jean-François (Sébastien Huberdeau) and Valérie (Karine Vanasse).

An uncompromising watch, Polytechnique is the most controversial of Denis Villeneuve’s ouevre for its blunt depiction of a real-life school shooting.

Nevertheless, the mastery of his craft is evident in this experiential grappling with traumatic Canadian history – boldly restaged and presented in stark black-and-white cinematography.

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