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Widely regarded as the first slasher movie, Psycho returns to cinemas this year in a stunning new 4K restoration courtesy of Park Circus, reinstating footage previously cut by censors.

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Alfred Hitchcock
Contains strong violence

Adapted from Robert Bloch’s 1959 novel of the same name, this psychological masterpiece from twentieth-century maestro, Alfred Hitchcock (Rear Window, Dial M for Murder, Strangers on a Train), follows real estate secretary Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) as she goes on the run with an envelope containing $40,000 stolen from the office.

When Marion meets the seemingly innocuous Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) after pulling into his motel for a much-needed pit stop, she has no inkling of the grisly events that will unfold in her room later that evening.

Despite its current popularity and worldwide fame, the critical response that Psycho received when it first hit cinemas in 1960 was extremely mixed largely owing to the shocking (at the time) scenes of violence and sexuality that it depicts and the very low budget with which it was produced.

Misunderstood by many as it was in 1960, however, Hitchcock’s creative vision and directorial genius have ensured that Psycho is widely regarded today as one of his most accomplished features.

Boasting monumental performances from some of the twentieth-century’s finest acting talent, including Janet Leigh (Touch of Evil, The Fog), Anthony Perkins (Catch 22), and John Gavin (Spartacus, Imitation of Life), and one of the most iconic soundtracks in cinema history courtesy of acclaimed American composer Bernard Herrmann, it’s no wonder this provocative genre-defining classic has gained such a dedicated fan base.


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