2hrs 10mins

This Relaxed Screening of Big is shown as part of our International Women's Day Season – championing and showcasing female voices, talent and stories.

Our relaxed screenings are for people of all ages with autism, learning difficulties or other sensory needs and their families.

Penny Marshall

Life felt unfair for a 13 year old boy in New Jersey, USA – until he visited a fun fair and made a wish on a mysterious antique arcade machine called, Zoltar. His wish was to be “big”, in an attempt to not endure the unfairness of being a teenager.

After wishing to be made big, the boy wakes the next morning to find himself mysteriously in the body of an adult (played by Tom Hanks), despite his protests he isn’t recognised by his own mother and so has to make a hasty exit from the family home shared with his mother and sister. The film then follows the twists and turns of a child in an adult world, with some help from his best friend.

About Relaxed Screenings
To ensure the environment is safe and comfortable, we leave the lights on a touch and turn the sound down a little. It’s fine to move around and make noise during the film. There are no adverts or trailers; the movie starts precisely at noon. There’s also a chill-out space if you need to take a break in a quiet area during the film. If you want any more information, see our Access Screenings page here.

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