1hr 40mins

Just when everyone thought the slasher was dead, in 1996 Wes Craven brought a postmodern re-shuffle to the genre and big screens everywhere were graced with the notorious ‘Ghostface’ mask.

25 years later, a year before the return of a new Scream film (planned for release next year!), this is a chance to see the influential 90s classic restored in glorious 4k.

Wes Craven

It begins with a phone call and a sadistic quiz on horror films and then dutifully descends into a knife wielding rampage – complete with a police investigation, libidinously distracted teenagers and a blackly comic whodunnit that sparked a further three films.

As iconic as it is ironic, Scream serves up a platter of inventively grisly deaths as its entertaining cast proceeds to be entertainingly dispatched.

With flashing blades that seem to wink knowingly into the hearts of horror fans; it is a genuine thrill to watch David Arquette, Drew Barrymore, Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox scrambling for their lives in this masked and modern masterpiece.


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