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Since his sensational theatrical debut with Tetsuo: The Iron Man, trailblazing director Shinya Tsukamoto has garnered a devoted fan base worldwide. His latest feature, expertly exploring the aftermath of war and its human fallout, won the Best Asian Film Award at Venice Film Festival 2023.

This film screens as part of The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2024.

The theme for this year's programme is: Unforgettable: Memories, Times and Reflections in Japanese Cinema

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Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2024
Shinya Tsukamoto
Strong violence, sexual violence, suicide references
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

Just after World War II, Tokyo was completely burnt down and ruined.

Yet, the lives of the people who survived continued, with incomprehensible struggles.

Almost everybody lost someone, and day-to-day survival skills were even required for young children who had become orphans.

In a hot and humid summer, a war orphan sneaks into a woman’s shabby house to steal things, and a young demobilised soldier comes as a guest as she sells her body to make a living.

The three begin a strange life together.

However, it is short-lived, as the demobilised soldier’s memories of the war destroy the lives of the three.

The orphan, who says a black-market street vendor has offered him a job, sets off on a journey with the vendor, ignoring the woman who tries to stop him.

The street vendor is a bold man, but the purpose of his journey is a horrifying one – of putting an end to the wounds he has received in the war.

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Thu 21 Mar