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For his Team Choice film, Jordan in Marketing has selected Toho Studio’s most recent, and most terrifying, interpretation of the iconic Godzilla mythos.

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Team Choice
Hideaki Anno
Moderate violence, gore, threat
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

The iconic Toho Studio’s most recent interpretation of the iconic Godzilla mythos is the most terrifying yet. But in Shin Godzilla, audiences are asked to decide what is scarier: the unrelenting advance of an ever-evolving nuclear-powered being, or the stunting influence of political bureaucracy.

For over 68 years, Godzilla has given filmmakers a monstrous avenue to express their frustration, pride, fear, anger and sometimes pure silliness.

More often than not, the world-famous kaiju has personified a particular time and strife in Japanese history, with the original incarnation embodying the horrors of the nuclear bombing of Japan at the end of WW2.

Through Shin Godzilla, the filmmakers express frustration with the political paralysis and inefficiency plaguing the Japanese Government, hampering their ability to respond to crises such as the real-world Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster and the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

Much like a natural disaster, Godzilla causes indiscriminate death, damage and destruction while staying one step ahead of a dithering political class who are left in disarray.

Despite being part of a hugely expansive canon, Shin Godzilla stands out with its more stern and grotesque incarnation of the centrepiece kaiju.

Inexorably advancing, ever-evolving and growing in its destructive power, Shin Godzilla brings a fresh sense of terror to the franchise along with a welcome satirical bite to its politics.

Jordan says: “EEYAEEEARRGH”

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Sun 18 Sep

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