Sleep is a masterfully unnerving, genre-bending thriller from first-time filmmaker Jason Yu, as the lives of soon-to-be parents Hyun-su and Soo-jin are turned upside down when the husband begins to exhibit increasingly disturbing behaviour every time he falls asleep.

Screening from 26th of July

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What if the place you thought was safest suddenly became a battleground for your sanity?

Young couple Hyun-su (Lee Sun-kyun) and Soo-jin (Jung Yu-mi) are about to become new parents when, one night, heavily pregnant Soo-jin wakes up from a deep slumber to her husband’s first act of parasomnia.

From then on, in the weeks and months that follow, Hyun-su’s behaviour gets increasingly more disturbing, transforming into someone unrecognisable once he falls asleep, with no recollection of what he gets up to. The couple try multiple approaches to combat his condition, from homemade solutions to medical intervention, but nothing seems to work.

Eventually, even after their child is born, Hyun-su’s actions grow more and more grotesque and bizarre, and Soo-jin begins to fear the worst. Desperate and sleep-deprived, she turns her hope towards a shaman, someone connected to the supernatural world, for help.

Debut director Jason Yu, who was once the assistant director for Academy Award-winning Bong Joon Ho, brings audiences a clever, well-crafted and genre-bending thriller that ratchets up a creeping horror towards its fantastically ambitious finale.