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This event includes a discussion with Lucy Parker and Mohaan Biswas, activist for Independent Workers Union of Great Britain.


Blacklisting, the secretive practice by which trade unionists and activists are labelled ‘troublemakers’ and denied employment, has decimated the careers and lives of thousands of workers across the UK. 

In Solidarity, artist Lucy Parker’s first feature-length film, blacklisted construction workers and activists share their ongoing struggles. Many years in the making, the film follows meetings between activists and law students brought together for the film, revealing alarming links between workplace blacklisting and undercover policing. At the centre of it all is the determination of a community working together to find justice.

Solidarity has been made with members of Blacklist Support Group, core participants in Undercover Policing Inquiry, and members of campaign groups Justice For Domestic Workers, Cleaners and Allied Independent Workers Union, Independent Workers of Great Britain, Unite the Union, Police Spies Out of Lives, GWB, RMT, Unite British Airways Mixed Fleet, County Durham Teaching Assistants, Bakers And Food Alliance Workers Union, BECTU Picturehouse and many other individual trade unionists.

This is event is part of the Zero Hour Season at Tyneside Cinema.

This event is part of Projections, a programme of artist film at Tyneside Cinema. Find out more here.


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