1hr 37mins

Celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mel Brooks' uproarious Star Wars parody, starring Rick Moranis & John Candy, with this unmissable cult classic screening.

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Summer of Cinema
Mel Brooks

In a galaxy far (far) away, a plan brews by the planet Spaceballs, under the command of President Skroob (Mel Brooks) and the suspiciously familiar ‘Dark Helmet’ (Rick Moranis, Honey I Shrunk the Kids), to capture Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) and steal the air of the planet Druidia. It’s up to Han Solo & Chewbacca stand-ins Lone Starr (Bill Pulman, Independence Day) and Barf (John Candy, Uncle Buck) to save the day!

A gloriously silly, supremely quotable parody of Star Wars (as well as several other classic films) from legendary comedy director Mel Brooks (Young Frankenstein), this all-star sci-fi blockbuster send-up is a hilarious 80s cinematic treat. May the schwartz be with you!


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