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A gorgeously realised coming-of-age period drama adapted from the novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Sunset Song is vintage Terence Davies; an affecting love story turned lyrical ode to the rural beauty of Scotland.

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Terence Davies Retrospective
Terence Davies
Strong implied sex, scene of sexual violence

Eloquently narrated by its protagonist, Sunset Song charts the life of Chris (Agyness Deyn) in rural Scotland in the early 1900s.

Emotionally tied to the sweeping landscapes of her farmland youth, Chris pursues a life in teaching, and yearns for the possibility of a future away from home and the harrowing grip of her brutish, abusive father, John (Peter Mullan).

Hope soon arrives in the form of a young farmer named Ewan (Kevin Guthrie), and the two begin a loving relationship. But the impending arrival of the Great War threatens both their happiness and their way of life…

Deftly contrasting the hard-hitting realities of its period with moments of poetic beauty, Sunset Song captures the graceful elegance of nature through Michael McDonough’s ravishing cinematography.

Powerful in its interrogation of the innate conflict between Chris’ Scottish homebird roots and the door-opening potential of her English education, and devastating in its chronicle of how the arrival of war destroys the life she has built, Sunset Song is a slow-burn masterwork from one of Britain’s finest directors, once again exploring all the hopes and tragedy of life.

This film is screening at Tyneside Cinema as a part of our season Living as Poetry: A Tribute to Terence Davies which you can learn more about here!

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Sat 11 Jun

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