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Marc-Andre Leclerc climbs alone. Ascending remote, vertical, alpine faces without a partner, without ropes, or any safety equipment at all.

Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen

Directors Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen (The Dawn Wall, Valley Uprising) return with another exhilarating, awe-inspiring documentary delving into the world of free-climbing.

The Alpinist is a terrifying yet beautiful portrait of solo-climber, Marc-Andre Leclerc. We follow the sweet, camera-shy, 23-year-old Canadian as he embarks on a historic adventure in Patagonia, redefining the boundaries of what is thought to be possible.

Leclerc takes on challenges with candid ease that even the most experienced climbers wouldn’t dream of, breaking records and taking the meaning of extreme sport to the absolute edge. Leclerc does not do this for glory, publicity or sporting achievement but for the sheer adrenaline and freedom that comes with hanging off a wall of ice that could crack with one wrong move.

Filmmakers Mortimer and Rosen even struggle to keep ahold of their nomadic subject, who disappears without notice to embark on his next adventure alone – which he sees as the most authentic way to climb.

What is so mesmerising about this stunning, nerve-shredding documentary is best summarised by one of Leclerc’s peers, “There’s a razor’s edge between genius and madness and that’s a sharp hard edge to ride.”

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