Advisory 18
1hr 37mins

Political satire, vampirism and science fiction converge in the neon-lit future of Cameroon, where two femme fatales battle the corruption of government officials with ancient magic and their own fashionably killer style.

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Black Genre Cinema
Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Advisory 18
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

In a neon-lit, futuristic Cameroon, sex workers Majolie and Chouchou (Adèle Ado and Dorylia Calmel) find themselves on a perilous journey across town as they look to dispose of the body of a politician who has died in somewhat awkward circumstances.

What follows is a tale of visual excess, martial arts inflected action sequences and a superb soundtrack, which carries this subversive day-glo critique of state oppression through a hybrid of genres and political commentary.

Morphing into a Thelma & Louise-esque tale of empowerment and female vengeance, director Jean-Pierre Bekolo follows hot on the heels of his heroes as they traverse a city in the seedy grip of patriarchy.

Influenced by the likes of Spike Lee and Djibril Mambéti (Touki Bouki) yet spearheading its own stylised aesthetic, The Bloodettes boasts a unique and philosophical ambition lurking within a daringly bold Afrofuturist horror-thriller.

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Thu 20 Oct

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