1hr 54mins

To mark its 50th Anniversary, Francis Ford Coppola’s (The Godfather) seminal award-winning neo-noir thriller The Conversation returns to Tyneside Cinema in a glorious 4K Restoration.

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Francis Ford Coppola
moderate violence, language, discriminatory terms

The Conversation focuses on Harry Caul (Gene Hackman), a detached and paranoid surveillance expert who finds himself becoming a victim of the same modern technology he uses to destroy others.

What begins with a seemingly routine job trailing an unfaithful wife and her lover rapidly spirals out of control when he suddenly discovers that he may have captured a conversation about something that’s a lot more important than an affair.

Winner of the Palme D’or and BAFTA Awards, the film is reported to be Coppola’s favourite among his impressive backlog of films.

What’s more, The Conversation boasts an exceptional cast that includes Gene Hackman (The French Connection), John Cazale (The Godfather), Allen Garfield (One From the Heart), Frederic Forrest (Apocalypse Now), Cindy Williams (American Graffiti), Michael Higgins (The Stepford Wives) and a notable early performance from Harrison Ford (Raiders of The Lost Ark).