1hr 28mins

We are excited to welcome writer/director/all-round comic legend Chris Morris for a special Q&A screening of The Day Shall Come on Mon 2 Dec.

strong language, sex references, drug misuse

Chris Morris

Based on a hundred true stories’ reads the opening title card to Chris Morris’ latest political satire, his first film since the riotous Four Lions.

Moses (impressive newcomer Marchánt Davis) is an impoverished preacher who heads the Star of Six, a congregation of six including his wife and child. However, the peaceful sect’s belief system and Moses’ prayers are unorthodox enough – he believes that both God and Satan communicate with him through a duck and that the CIA can summon dinosaurs with an air horn – to attract the attention of Kendra (Anna Kendrick), an FBI agent keen to impress her boss. The film’s scathing vision of the war on terror lands plenty of big laughs as dysfunctional FBI agents try to tempt Moses while he finds new and weird ways of not biting.


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