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The Ultimate Experience In Grueling Terror!

Sam Raimi

Cult director Sam Raimi’s sophomore feature stands as one of the most iconic and influential films in horror cinema, deftly combining shocking gore with black humour to thrilling, breathless effect.

Chronicling the remote getaway from hell, The Evil Dead follows five University friends (including horror icon Bruce Campbell) as they journey to an ominous cabin in the woods.

Happening upon a cursed tape, which when played, releases a horde of demons from the woods, they begin the fight for their lives, as the group falls victim to nightmarish possessions.

A hallmark in low-budget genre cinema for its staggering make-up and practical effects work and a calling card for Sam Raimi’s energetic filmmaking prowess, The Evil Dead is presented at the Halloween All-Nighter on a stunning 35mm print.

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Sun 31 Oct

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