1hr 32mins

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid...

David Cronenberg

Celebrate the 35th anniversary of genre auteur David Cronenberg’s seminal, gruesome redux of the mad scientist horror tale; a disturbing psychological body-horror remake which created a legacy all of its own.

Seth (Jeff Goldblum) is a promising young scientist who invents ‘telepods’, making possible teleportation. Beginning a relationship with journalist Ronnie (Geena Davis) as testing gets underway of his groundbreaking breakthrough, Seth uses himself as a gineau pig, with body-altering, dire consequences…

Winning an Academy Award for its incredibly realised transformation makeup, The Fly is an uncomprimisingly gnarly, ultimately tragic cautionary horror tale, with Goldbum at the peak of his powers and Cronenberg proving himslef as one of the all-time masters of the genre.

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Sun 31 Oct

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