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Follow the green light to Baz Lurhmann's glistening adaptation of the beloved F Scott Fitzgerald novel, with Leonardo DiCaprio starring as the affluent playboy Jay Gatsby. A cinematic treat, old sport.

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Summer of Cinema
Baz Luhrmann
Contains moderate sex, violence and bloody images

In a psychiatric ward in 1929, World War I veteran Nick Carroway (Tobey Maguire) begins to write down his memories of a summer seven years ago: he was living next to the mansion of an extravagant and mysterious business magnate, Jay Gatsby, a career-defining performance of charisma and volatility by Leonardo DiCaprio. After an invitation to one of Gatsby’s infamously decadent parties, Nick is drawn into the allure of his lifestyle and the murky secrecy of his past.

Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher and Joel Edgerton join the stellar cast for this bombastic and mischievously contemporary adaptation of Fitzgerald’s classic. With its bravely modern soundtrack (Jay-Z was an executive producer), Gatsby’s tainted glamour all but swaggers off the screen in this sumptuous dissection of wealth, class and the American Dream.

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Wed 31 Aug

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