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This effortlessly cool, slickly stylised postmodern western from musician-turned-director Jeymes Samuel follows the quest of outlaw Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) to unite a gang and seek revenge on the escaped master criminal Rufus Buck (Idris Elba).

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Black Genre Cinema
Jeymes Samuel
violence, injury detail, language

Towering crime boss Rufus Buck (Idris Elba) escapes jail in a daring train breakout, with the assistance of his hostile yet charming entourage, led by Trudy Smith (Regina King) & Cherokee Bill (Lakeith Stanfield).

Having experienced first-hand the ruthless wrath of Buck at a young age, the resolute Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) asssembles a motley crew of trusted outlaws, including old flame Mary Fields (Zazie Beetz) and Marshall Bass Reeves (Delroy Lindo) to exact revenge on Love – leading to an electric, nail-biting, gun-toting standoff.

Based on true stories of real-life cowboys from the American West, and produced by Shawn Carter (aka Jay-Z), who also contributes to the film’s blistering soundtrack, this feature debut from musician Jeymes Samuel is an electrifying, endlessly stylish genre blast.

The Harder They Fall stands as a proudly Black redux of a well-worn genre, breathing vital, energised new cinematic life into the Western.

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Thu 25 Aug
Mon 12 Sep

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