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Russell Crowe stars alongside Al Pacino in Michael Mann's gripping whistleblowing drama based on an extraordinary true story, as the head of a tobacco company gives unprecedented testimony to a television show regarding the shocking secrets of the industry.

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Michael Mannuary
Michael Mann
Passed '15' for some strong language
English, Japanese, Arabic, Persian

Based on a segment from the 60 Minutes television news reportage series, The Insider is based on an alleged true story of how a tobacco industry insider Jeffrey Wigand (Russell Crowe) turns whistleblower about how the big tobacco companies plan to make cigarettes more addictive.

Al Pacino plays CBS television producer Lowell Bergman, who has to grapple with the career-threatening dilemma of whether to go with Wigand’s testimony – and take on the might of corporate lawyers. A gripping David and Goliath story of taking on the system – and facing the personal and professional consequences of such a desicion – this eye-opening journalistic thriller is built upon the foundations of its incredible performances, with Crowe and Pacino bringing their A game, and tremendous support from the late Michael Gambon and Christopher Plummer.

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