1hr 44mins

Slick and compulsive viewing that manages to thread a wry satire on the elitist circles of contemporary art into a chilling confrontation of the refugee crisis.

Kaouther Ben Hania

The Man Who Sold His Skin follows the elaborately inked fate of a Syrian refugee, Sam Ali (Yahya Mahayni), who offers his body to a controversial artist; he signs up to be used as a human canvas in order to gain freedom of movement across borders in an attempt to help, and reunite with, the woman he loves, Abeer (Dea Liane).

Partially inspired by the Belgian artist, Wim Devloye and his controversial living artwork contract with Tim Steiner (an agreed pact ensures that Steiner’s skin will be removed and framed upon death).

Despite the potential heaviness of the film’s themes and inspirations, Kaouther Ben Hania’s direction crafts a surprisingly light and vibrant work of stylish, pacey entertainment.

Bounding along in this fanciful tale of tainted glamour, Ben Hania also introduces a fittingly flashy cameo from Monica Belluci!


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