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In one of the most turbulent periods in the American city of Newark (New Jersey) when rival gangs, racial conflict and riots blaze through the volatility of the 1960s and 70s, the power of a local crime family is teetering at the precipice of a downfall; in amidst all the violence and change, an impressionable teenager named Tony tries to impress his uncle.

Alan Taylor

One of the most influential American series in TV history led by one of the most lastingly iconic characters, Tony Soprano, not only revolutionized the scope and ambition of TV drama but also began the evolving blur between cinema and TV.

Consequently, it seems only right that a return to this epic drama of crime and family moves from the small screen to the big screen; the recognition of a cult status that has long since expanded and transcended the boundaries of what a TV series can be.

And so, with more than a little expectation, from the pen of David Chase (who wrote, produced and directed the original series) and with direction from Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World, Mad Men, Deadwood, Six Feet Under, Game of Thrones, The Sopranos) comes the origin story of Tony Soprano.

Charting the transition from teenage insecurity to criminal mob boss, Michael Galdofini (the son of James Galdofini, who played Tony in the original series) reprises his father’s role in this earlier portrait; evoked with amazing period detail, stunning production design and the writing and performances to confidently speak to, and further, the legacy of The Sopranos, deepening a true milestone in modern storytelling.

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