2hrs 16mins

Journey down the digital rabbit hole as we rediscover the Wachowski Sisters' revolutionary blockbuster classic, as a humble computer programmer (the excellent Keanu Reeves) discovers his destiny after experiencing glitches in The Matrix.

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Screening as part of our nostalgic Now That's What I Call the 90s season.

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The Wachowski Sisters
Strong violence

Computer programmer Thomas Anderson – later to be known as Neo (an iconic turn from Keanu Reeves) – discovers that his entire life is a lie, trapped inside a simulation known as The Matrix. Beginning an extraordinary journey to fulfil his destiny as the one in the fight against the machines – aided by his mentor Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne ) and the enigmatic, kickass Trinity (Carrie Ann Moss) – Neo must face the unstoppable pursuing force(s) of the sinister Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving).

From the endless imagination of the Wachowski Sisters comes a mind-expanding step beyond our ordinary perception – this revolutionary blockbuster franchise changed the game for modern cinema, with the awe-inspiring bullet-time action setpiece just one of the highlights that make this series one of the most influential in Hollywood history. Just one question: red pill or blue bill?