1hr 47mins

Rory’s working class childhood has left him with an insatiable desire for the luxurious extravagance afforded only to the upper class; the main issue being that his salary doesn’t match his appetite, and his family feels the brunt of that contradiction.

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Sean Durkin

Following on from his exquisitely disturbing Martha Marcy May Marlene, Sean Durkin brings us The Nest, a swirling drama of family tensions with Jude Law at the centre. Law is at his best as Rory, opposite Carrie Coon’s excellently executed Alison.

A family and relationship in turmoil, with a real sense of the years of difficulty they’ve struggled through. As cracks start to show in the façade, Alison is the first to sense the impending and dramatic fall from grace.

‘A hyper-nuanced study of marriage mind games. Lingers long after the final credits.’ – The Hollywood Reporter

‘Carrie Coon delivers one of her most riveting performances to date.’ – Indiewire


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