1hr 47mins

Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin follow up the mesmerising Free Solo with another nail-biting story of death-defying risks taken in the face of the vastness of nature.

This time, instead of scaling the world’s most dangerous rock faces, Chai Vasarhelyi and Chin plunge to the terrifying depths of the ocean, recounting the story of the underwater Thai cave rescue that enthralled the world in 2018. The result, just like their last film, is breath-taking, gripping, and unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin

When an unexpected monsoon trapped a youth football team and their coach inside a cave in northern Thailand in 2018, the story captured the imagination of the world.

Comprised of exclusive interviews and never-seen-before footage, The Rescue details the Royal Thai Navy SEAL, U.S. Air Force, and expert cave divers’ heroic efforts to bring them to safety.

With oxygen levels quickly depleting, an already dangerous mission becomes a race against the clock. As the world’s media descend on the story and community pressure builds, hundreds of volunteers come forward to devise a plan to rescue the boys.

The story reaches an astonishing conclusion when two British divers realise, they are the only ones with the necessary skills to complete this treacherous mission.

A pair of unlikely heroes their journey, dragging themselves through the tiniest of crevices deeper and deeper within an underwater cave system, is unlike anything ever captured on film.

A story of grave danger and astonishing courage, The Rescue’s account of a wildly dangerous humanitarian cave dive is a gripping thriller, a heart-wrenching story of an international community coming together, and a shining account of humanity at its most selfless. Unmissable.


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