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Filmmaker Mark Cousins' extraordinary latest is a typically thoughtful, poetically ponderous interrogation of our relationship with the visual medium.

Mark Cousins

Instigated by imminent surgery to restore his own ailing vision, Cousins explores how seeing has shaped his worldview, his relationships and his own working life, as a filmmaker utilising the camera to express his creative impulses.

Highlighting the beauty of the world through the gift of vision, as well as the inevitable hardships we experience, Cousins aims to capture how ‘looking’ informs human experience.

Praised for its meditative, deeply personal qualities, The Story of Looking is not only a candid insight into Mark Cousins the director, but is also an affecting testament to the ties that bind us, with stunning cinematography reminding us to treasure the world around us.

‘A rich cinematic journey into the art of seeing…’ – Time Out

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