1hr 34mins

Journey into uncharted terrain with Eliza Kubarska's awe-inspiring documentary, following a Sherpa family's Himalayan expedition up the forbidden mountain of Khumbakarna...

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Eliza Kubarska
Infrequent strong language
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

Contrasting an intimate, deeply felt familal story against the expansive might of its Nepalese backdrop, The Wall of Shadows follows the incredible pilgrimage of a Sherpa family. Facilitating a Western trek up the unscaled East wall, the family must prevail through the profound taboo of the journey (as, to the local people, the Khumbakarna mountain holds a holy, spiritual significance), in order to better their son’s future…

This gripping, utterly transportive documentary from celebrated Polish director Eliza Kubarska was a favourite across international film festivals, lauded for its insightful eye into the life of the Sherpa people, and for its stunning scope in capturing their groundbreaking expedition…

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