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A portrait of getting rich, flaunting the law, and bacchanalian depravity, The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the great films about American excess, with Leonardo DiCaprio’s on superb form as crooked stockbroker Jordan Belfort.

This film screens as part of our King of New York: A Tribute to Martin Scorsese retrospective season.

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King of New York
Martin Scorsese
Very strong language, strong sex, hard drug use
English, French

A very different type of New York gangster story, Martin Scorsese’s late career banger The Wolf of Wall Street shows that the veteran director remains as subversive and risk-taking as ever. Recounting the (somehow) true story of stockbroker-turned-criminal-turned-motivational speaker Jordan Belfort, Leonardo DiCaprio delivers what is possibly his greatest performance in this epic tale of a man’s meteoric rise and fall.

DiCaprio plays Belfort, a young stockbroker who sets up a trading firm in early 90s New York with his friend Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill).

Their wild excess, and questionable success, soon draw the attention of the FBI. But Belfort is a wolf who will not cornered, and doubles down on both his shady practises and wild lifestyle, in the process drawing his wife (a breakout role for a brilliant Margot Robbie) and everyone in his orbit closer to ruin.

Also featuring Matthew McConaughey in a memorable cameo, this 2013 film is a wild, outrageous portrait of excess, and the brutish, male business world of Wall Street in the 80s and 90s. Scorsese delivers another pitch perfect portrait of American hubris, in which a world of lavish success turns into a nightmare.