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Joachim Trier’s subversive twist on the rom-com is a decidedly modern marvel; an awards favourite and future indie-classic spearheaded by a wondrous breakout performance by Renate Reinsve.

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Summer of Cinema
Joachim Trier
Drug misuse, strong sex, sex references
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

Julie (Reinsve) is entering her thirties and emotionally navigating between relationships, personal and professional ambition, and the disassociated impression that she is ‘becoming a spectator’ of her own life.

In this artful comedy drama, a numbing bewilderment at what might constitute adulthood versus the fear of a disappearing youth compels Julie to avoid the perceived maturity of settling while still worrying that chances might be passing her by.

Providing the film with a magnetic central performance, Reinate Reinsve’s performance – as the equivocatingly existential Julie – captivates at every turn.

Pitched between whimsical and darker strands of comedy, this is an intelligently crafted drama that concludes the director Joachim Trier’s loose trilogy of Oslo films (preceded by Reprise, 2006, and Oslo 31, Aug, 2011).

With recognisably Norwegian candour, Trier’s moving film captures the often painfully funny tensions between a career, romantic fulfilment, and the anxious laughter of loneliness.

Deferred maturity and existential pangs paired with such joyful cinematic dexterity makes this future indie-classic an unmissable delight!

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Wed 24 Aug

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