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A surreal journey is undertaken by Theo, a man with Down's Syndrome who dreams of being a samurai and wanders a forest into his own wildly bizarre and comically provocative voyage of self-discovery.

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Damien Odoul
strong real sex, gory images

A humorously absurdist, imaginative and daring psychological trip into the mind of a young man trying to find independence.

Theo (an uncompromising and brave performance by Théo Kermel) is a 27 year old man with Down’s Syndrome who lives in a remote house in a forest with his father; both men live a peacefully eccentric life immersed in personal rituals and a shared love of martial arts.

After his father leaves one day, Theo embarks on what becomes increasingly fragmented journey of hallucinatory self-discovery.

In Theo and the Metamorphosis, multi-disciplinary artist and director Damien Odoul has created a comical and disorientating meditation on nature, humanity and perception; the erratic and changing visual vocabulary of the film is guided through an intimate voiceover from Theo, whose perspective the film so adventurously, and often provocatively, inhabits.

This is a joyously weird cinematic experience to celebrate. Bursting with wonder, pathos, and unpredictability, forever striding further and further from the beaten track…

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