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A harrowing, thought-provoking drama centred on the Iranian death penalty system, There is No Evil is an emotionally-charged, deeply human perspective into the unthinkable.

Mohammad Rasoulof

Told accross three vignette stories, each in their own way tying in to the overarching subject matter, we see the firsthand realities of soldiers conscripted into carrying out executions, the psychological fallout of their role in the system and the profound, lasting effect their actions hold in later life.

Powerful in its brave confronting of a shocking, taboo issue which still persists to this day, director Mohammad Rasoulof crafts an unapologetically political critique on the death penalty, told through the unique eyes of young, naiive soldiers who have no choice but to comply.

With the character-focused nuance of fellow Iranian director Asghar Farhardi (A Separation, The Salesman), There Is No Evil is a haunting, lasting experience, ruminating on the experience of life in the company of death.

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