1hr 58mins

The highest-grossing film of 2023 in Italy, this astonishing, emotionally resonant neorealist-channeling darkly comedic drama from first-time director Paola Cortellesi details the journey towards emancipation for headstrong matriarch Delia (Cortellesi) in post-war Rome.

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Paola Cortellesi
Domestic abuse, sexual violence
Italian, English

Delia (writer-director Paola Cortellesi) is the wife of the abusive Ivano (Valerio Mastandrea), and the mother of three children. These are the roles that define her and that’s enough for her until she receives a mysterious letter that propels her onto a new path. Set in the second half of the 40s in Rome, There’s Still Tomorrow follows a family divided between the positive push of liberation and the miseries of the recent war.

Continuing in the neorealist tradition of classic Italian cinema with its own distinctly satirical edge, this extraordinary drama, captured in enchanting black-and-white photography, paints a richly textured character portrait of a woman facing devastating domestic violence – deeply rooted in the history of the country in the aftermath of the Second World War. Deftly blending drama and comedy, and drawing upon experiences of her own family history, this stunning, rapturously received Italian box-office sensation is a wondrous showcase for the multi-faceted talents of Paola Cortellesi.

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Thu 30 May