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Tony Harrison is one of the most distinguished and important poets of his generation and we are delighted to present a retrospective of his film / poems – curated by David McLachlan in Partnership with Tyneside Cinema.

“Harrison is the first master of a form he has made his own” - The Times

Tony Harrison / Peter Symes

The Shadow of Hiroshima (1995) 40 min

Writer: Tony Harrison
Director: Tony Harrison
Channel 4
Producer Andrew Holmes

The film gives a voice to the outline shadow, burned into stone steps by the blast of a victim of Hiroshima. The shadow becomes our guide to Hiroshima, of memory and of today as he returns to the streets, parks and sites and the current commemorations of the city’s destruction and rebuilding during Remembrance Day. His story and longing for an ordinary life are interwoven into the build-up of the annual ceremony of the releasing of the doves beneath the peace dome in the city.

“A new art form of extraordinary power and intensity in which the different metrical rhythms of image and verse are magically fused” – Observer

Black Daisies for the Bride (1993) 55min

Writer: Tony Harrison
Director: Peter Symes
Music: Dominic Muldowney
Producer: Fiona Finlay
with:Elaine Hallam, Cathryn Bradshaw, Maria Bovino Maria Friedman, Richard Muttonchops
Production: BBC

Originally broadcast in August 1993 to coincide with Alzeheimer’s Awareness week, Black Daisies for the Bride is a unique, poignant and challenging film that is a tribute to sufferers from the Alzeheimers disease.

Filmed in a ward at High Royds Hospital Yorkshire, it combines drama, song, documentary, verse and music to gently unravel, imagine, capture and celebrate the lives and lost memories of the residents. The film has a specially arranged score written by Dominic Muldowney and ranges from music hall to arias. The patients, families and staff make up the cast with actresses re-creating memories of the wedding days of the patients. The Black Daises of a corridor floor in the hospital became a motif for the film.

Winner of the Prix Italia’Special Documentary Prize’ 1994

“This stunningly inventive work is so spellbindingly innovative that it defies description” – The Irish Times

“The crowning masterpiece of the recent movement, led by Harrison and director Peter Symes, to reinvent the combination of verse and film.” – Sean Day-Lewis, The Telegraph

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