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Tony Harrison is one of the most distinguished and important poets of his generation and we are delighted to present a retrospective of his film / poems – curated by David McLachlan in Partnership with Tyneside Cinema.

“Harrison is the first master of a form he has made his own” - The Times

Tony Harrison

Prometheus (1998) 130 min

Writer: Tony Harrison
Director: Tony Harrison
Producer: Andrew Holmes
A Channel 4 Film is association with the Arts Council of England.

A political parable set against the closure of the last working Yorkshire mine as the God Hermes descends on the depressed former coal town to start a journey across Europe to mock the pretensions of mankind. Here he encounters an elderly, dying miner who sits in a burnt-out cinema and with defiance and a willingness to argue back against Hermes, the miner speaks as Prometheus, for mankind, for industry, for the worker and for smoking!

Using the myth of Prometheus for the struggles of the working class across Europe, and the devastation brought on by political conflict and unfettered industrialisation, to ask what humanity has made of Prometheus gift of fire.
A call to change things for the better by cooperation rather than competition.

“A bold, adventurous film packed with striking visual images and forceful witty language. This is a gripping experience, and like much of Harrison’s work, fuelled with controlled anger” – The Observer

“The most important adaptation of classical myth for a radical political purpose for years and his most brilliant artwork” – Professor Edith Hall

“Of Contemporary British poets, none has worked in other media to such sustained effect as Tony Harrison…Prometheus is visually amazing” – Sight on Sound

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