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Ride into the danger zone and join the elite squadron of pilots - the flyers know it as... Top Gun. Relive Tony Scott's 1986 cult classic alongside its triumphant 2022 sequel in this soaring double bill, following the story of Maverick (Tom Cruise) and his bitter rival Iceman (Val Kilmer).

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Summer of Cinema
Tony Scott/Joseph Kosinski
Contains one use of strong language and moderate sex and sex references/infrequent strong language

In Tony Scott’s 1986 favourite Top Gun, a group of skilled pilots, led by Tom Cruise as Maverick, alongside Anthony Edwards as his best friend Goose, train to become the very best, at the elite Top Gun school – as does Maverick’s bitter rival, Iceman (Val Kilmer).

In Top Gun: Maverick, the student becomes the master, as Maverick is called upon by Iceman to train the next generation, including the son of Goose, Rooster (Miles Teller).

A franchise which soars thanks to breathtakiing aerial action setpieces, stirring music, a great supporting cast, including Kelly McGillis and Jennifer Connelly, and the inimitable charm of Tom Cruise, this double bill screening is the definitive experience for those who feel the need for speed.


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