1hr 29mins

Long live the new flesh! A seminal feature in the shockingly excessive sub-genre of body horror, David Cronenberg's cult gory satire, released at the advent of the digital age, is every bit as revolutionary today.

David Cronenberg

Max Renn (James Woods) programs a TV channel which specialises in shocking, gratuitous content. Happening upon ‘Videodrome’, a tape dedicated to violence and torture, he broadcasts it, before spiralling into the brutal, terrifying world he has just welcomed in.

Pushing the boundaries of sex and violence in cinema on its initial release, Videodrome is vintage Cronenberg, with a sharp political commentary underscoring the genre elements throughout.

Screening as part of our ‘Cinema Obsession’ season, Videodrome is a true cult classic of its era, co-starring Blondie’s Debbie Harry and showcasing the trailblazing special effects makeup of Rick Baker.


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