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Abbas Kiarostami's stunning drama, featuring the poetic minimalism of a parable, is a beautifully simple tale between two schoolboys, centring on retrieving a school notebook.

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Iranian Journeys
Abbas Kiarostami
No material likely to offend or harm
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

After a schoolboy (Babek Ahmed Poor) realises he has taken his friend Mohammad’s notebook home, he searches the neighbouring village to return it before the next day to save the boy from being expelled by their strict teacher.

The first of a loose ‘Koker’ trilogy (followed by And Life Goes On, and Through the Olive Trees), and taking its title from a poem by Iranian poet and painter Sohrab Sepheri (1928-1951), the film echoes Sepheri’s profound simplicity with its gentle observation of the Iranian landscape and its inhabitants. Kiarostami (Close Up, Taste of Cherry) allows the boy’s conscientious search to become an understated morality tale: a journey suffused with quiet realism, kindness and child-like innocence.

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