1hr 29mins

A supremely tense, atmospheric Danish crime drama, juxtaposing intimate surburban family life with the brutal, unforgiving world beyond.

Jeanette Nordahl

Sandra Guldberg stars as Ida, a teenager now under the duty of care of her estranged Aunty Bodil (a terrifically menacing Sidse Babett Knudsen) following the tragic death of her mother.

However, what begins as a quiet, understanding new household soon transforms into a volatile, disturbing new lifestyle, as the true nature of her extended family, and their insistence on protecting each other from the grip of the law, becomes alarmingly clear…

Wildland is a moody, effortlessly assured debut feature for Jeanette Nordahl, offering a troubling, haunting portrait of a family in crisis, with Knudsen delivering an astonishing turn as a ruthless cinematic matriarch for the ages.


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