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A staggering, expansive intergenerational familial drama from revered auteur Edward Yang, this 2000 Taiwanese masterpiece is the Team Choice selection from Katie in Operations.

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Team Choice
Edward Yang
Contains some strong language and infrequent moderate sex references
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

An achingly beautiful journey through life, death, and the peaks and troughs of the quotidian, YiYi (or A One and a Two) follows the lives of the Jian family, bookended by momentous ceremonies in their lives.

An unforgettable, profoundly affecting cinematic experience, its remarkable framing of life through the inquisitive, wide-eyed wonder of the precocious Yang Yang (Jonathan Chang) is just one of its many lasting highlights.

Katie says “When Yi Yi first debuted in 2000, it was hailed as one of the best films of the year. Come 2010 and many critics held it high in their “best of the decade” lists. Even today there’s already a strong sentiment from professionals and cinephiles alike that Yi Yi is one of the most important works of the 21st century. A story that goes beyond simple family drama, will make you feel both joyous and tearful, the opportunity to watch this gem on the big screen will be a dream come true for me.”

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