1hr 36mins

Documentary filmmaker Jeanie Finlay returns with this engaging and candid Sheffield DocFest Audience Award winner, following Aubrey Gordon as she rises from unknown blogger to world-renowned author and activist.

The 18:00 Roxy screening on Tue and the 12:10 Gallery screening on Thu will be followed by a recorded Q&A with Aubrey Gordon and director Jeanie Finlay.

An Audio Description track is available for this feature. Please ask at Box Office if you would like to use our Audio Description equipment.
Jeanie Finlay
strong language

Your Fat Friend charts the complexities of finding a place in the world when you don’t quite fit.

Aubrey Gordon writes anonymously with candour and humour as “Your Fat Friend” about what it means to be a very fat woman in the world.

Her searingly honest writing describes what it’s like to be that fat person on the plane, and how the fantasies, peddled by a diet and wellness industry worth $26 billion a year are on a par with the lies that Big Tobacco told the public in the 1950s.

She spent a decade campaigning for LGBTQIA rights so she knows that change is possible. Now it’s time to advocate for herself.

Acclaimed director Jeanie Finlay (Orion: The Man Who Would Be King) charts Aubrey’s rise from anonymous blogger to NYTimes best-selling author and co-host of the podcast Maintenance Phase in this illuminating, galvanising documentary, which won the Audience award at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2023.