To commemorate the release of his latest masterpiece, The Zone of Interest, we celebrate the cinema of visionary auteur Jonathan Glazer.

Having cut his teeth in directing for the stage and in the arena of music videos (working with the likes of Massive Attack, Radiohead and Nick Cave), Jonathan Glazer’s arrival in the world of film displayed the work of an auteur with a distinct artistic vision.

In a cinematic career defined by quality over quantity (The Zone of Interest is only his fourth feature film), Glazer has proven himself as a genre-crossing master, creating evocative, visually striking cinema punctuated by atmospheric depictions of isolated, often haunted subjects and magnetic central performances.

From a fish-out-of-water gangster forced out of retirement in Sexy Beast; to a bereaved woman haunted by the personified loss of her husband in Birth; to the arrival of predatory alien trying to make sense of humanity in Under the Skin; Glazer’s first three features are all led by career-defining performances from their respective leads Ray Winstone, Nicole Kidman and Scarlett Johannson.

Now, after a decade-long hiatus, Glazer returns with his breathtaking Holocaust drama The Zone of Interest – yet further evidence of a one-of-a-kind filmmaker in total command of the form.