It lives! The return of one of the one of the most anticipated events in Tyneside Cinema’s annual calendar: the iconic Halloween All-Nighter is here!

Date: Saturday 30th October

From the year's nerve-shredding best to enduring cult favourites, terrifying genre classics to future horror hallmarks...and a gratuitous helping of the incomparable work of Nic Cage...Return to the best night in cinema, with films and entertainment from dusk ‘til dawn…

The Night will include live entertainment between films, specially made Halloween cocktails, All-Nighter ration packs as well as a prize for the best costume of the night!

Tickets: on sale Now!

1st Film: £6.66

2nd Film: £6.16

3rd Film: £3.66

4th Film: £3.33

Total for the night: £19.81

Book each film individually, either sticking to one screen or mixing and matching. It's up to you!

Classic: Horrorversaries 2021 (and, er, 2020 edition)

Some of our favourite horror classics receive a special birthday outing, not forgetting the films we would have shown in 2020!

1st Film: Psycho – 60th Anniversary (well, sort of) screening 22:20 – 00:14
2nd Film: The Omen – 45th Anniversary screening 00:35-02:31
3rd Film: Return of the Living Dead – 35th Anniversary (well, sort of) screening: 35mm presentation 03:00-04:36
4th Film: The Fly – 35th Anniversary screening 05:00-06:37

Electra: Rage in a Cage

You’re Welcome.

1st Film: The Wicker Man 22:00 – 23:51
2nd Film: Prisoners of the Ghostland 00:15-02:03
3rd Film: Mandy 02:25-04:31
4th Film: Surprise Film! 04:50-06:40

Roxy: It’s Always 1981 Somewhere

Who needs Fear Street when you have the real thing? We head back to the heady days of 1981 to celebrate one of our favourite years of spine-chilling cinema.

1st Film: An American Werewolf in London 22:05-23:47
2nd Film: The Evil Dead (35mm) 00:25-01:55
3rd Film: Scanners 02:20-04:08
4th Film: My Bloody Valentine 04:30-06:05

Gallery: 2020: Resurrected

Handpicked Halloween highlights from an amazing year in horror. Includes our personal favourite presented as a mystery surprise film (not to be missed!)

1st Film: Saint Maud 22:15-23:44
2nd Film: Surprise Film! 00:10-02:32
3rd Film: Possessor 02:55-04:43
4th Film: Host 05:00-06:02


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